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Maiga Technology is a provider of website creation services at the same time with the official website at which was established on July 1, 2012. It is a branch of Maiga Web Service engaged in the service of creating a blog that has been operating from 2009.

Over time, development of the times, Alhamdulillah our blog creation services business increased from day to day, and we believe that this provision is a gift from Allah SWT that must be grateful, and thanks it shall be disclosed by speech or action. Then as the proper gratitude on June 1, 2012, we opened a new business branch that Website Development Services that we named Maiga Technology, we present you with the commitment sought, share it with professionals.


The company become reliable in improving the quality of information technology and website development as a key pillar to support its activities and decisions in order to produce results or outcome quality, effective and efficient. And changed the website becomes a useful thing for all those who use and exploit it both in terms of business and in all other cases.


The participation of building the infrastructure of information technology to the wider community specialized in developing a website with other supporting facilities.

Conduct research and development in the field of website.

Renewing and developing the website creation and design standards that refer to national and international standards-based creativity.

Conduct training and education for human resource development in terms of technical, management and marketing or advertising the product website itself.

Build cooperation, create business opportunities and network coordination between the members of Website Development Services.

Build cooperation between the academic world and the business blog and web developers.


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