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Maiga Blog Service is at the same time making service provider with a blog on the official website that stands on November 21, 2009. Beginning blog just a hobby us from our first love IT mainly on Design Blog. Eventually, we made it a business that we named Mairid Blog Design.

Over time, development of the times, Alhamdulillah our blog creation services business increased from day to day, and we believe that this provision is a gift from Allah SWT that must be grateful and thankful it shall be disclosed by speech or action. Then as the proper gratitude on December 31, 2009 we changed the name Mairid be Maiga Blog Blog Design Service, we present you with the commitment sought, share it with professionalism.


Perusahhan become reliable in improving the quality of information technology as well as creating a blog as the main pillars to support its activities and decisions in order to produce results or outcome quality, effective and efficient. And changing means of bloggers into something useful like a website, because it can now blog.


The role of building the infrastructure of information technology to the wider community specialized in the manufacture of a blog with support facilities that blogger or wordpress platform.

Conducting research and development in the field of science bloggers.

Updating and developing standards creation and design blog that refers to national and international standards-based creativity.

Guidance and education for human resource development in terms of technical, management and marketing / advertising products blog itself.

Establish cooperation, create business opportunities and network coordination among fellow bloggers.

Building cooperation between the academic world and the business blog and web developers.


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